Grupo Ceres

We are a group of leading companies in the agribusiness located in the northwestern region of Mexico that provides integrated solutions to agriculture, logistics and financial efficiency and global practices.

We have managed to keep our position as leaders in agriculture, logistics and finance, by offering products and services with the latest technology focusing on the benefit of our customers. We provide the highest quality service through our companies, and through the "Ceres Agritechnology" program, which offers a valuable solution to the market´s needs.

The technological changes around us has prompted the agribusiness to evolve and innovate constantly, fortifying our position and expanding our influences to different parts of the country.

Our objective is to offer products and services of the highest quality through highly-trained personnel specialized in each area, that are committed to the market and the community. We have accomplished an organization that generates value to our client´s businesses and the opportunities of development to our group of contributors.